Beautiful book helps little ones deal with anger

            It’s no secret that learning to deal with anger is a life-long process. However, figuring out how to help children apply Biblical truths to emotions can prove challenging.

            When I came across the delightful Jax’s Tail Twitches, I was excited to find an engaging story that explores how the Gospel helps us deal with anger.

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COVID-19: A new concern for children plus what to expect after recovering and more

This is Part 6 in my series with Dr. Phil Pearson on COVID-19. Dr. Pearson has practiced medicine for 39 years. He is an elder at Broadmoor Baptist, and he and his wife are well-respected members of our local community. For many years, Dr. Pearson also taught conceal-carry classes in our area.

After a recent day of running errands in our community, I was tired of taking precautions and disinfecting while many folks seemed to be throwing caution to the wind. So, I asked Dr. Pearson, “If I am a healthy person with no known underlying conditions under 60, isn’t it better to just go ahead and get it over with?”

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My grandson’s face scrunched up as he twisted the plastic Easter egg. Pop! A huge smile spread across his face, and he held out his hand so I could see what was inside.

            “A donkey!” he said, bouncing across the couch.

            As I read Benjamin’s Box aloud, this energetic 4-year-old could hardly wait to see what surprise each new page (and egg!) held.

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