Write at Home FAQs


What is Write at Home?

Write at Home is an accountability group that meets regularly on Zoom for Christian women.

What is a Write at Home session?

A Write at Home session lasts eight-weeks and meets Monday through Thursday from 9:45 am to 1 pm EST. Each session is comprised of 32 Zoom meetings.

(Note: On the third Tuesday of the month, meetings are from 1:45 pm to 5 pm EST.)

How many Write at Home sessions are you planning to host?

We plan to host four sessions each year.


How much does Write at Home cost?

Our current spring session for 2023 is free. Register here before March 15.

How much will future sessions cost?

Starting in July 2023, eight-week sessions will cost $25.

What will these costs cover?

  • Access to 32 online meetings designed to help you establish a writing routine, increase your productivity, and reach your goals.
  • A community of accountability and encouragement with other writers.
  • Each Thursday you will receive an email reminding you to plan the upcoming week.
  • Optional: Write at Home will provide worksheets for you to plan your objectives for the eight-week session and to break those objectives down into weekly and daily goals. You do not need to fill these out to participate.


What is the meeting structure?

Each meeting opens at 10 am EST with a devotional and prayer. Next participants enter their goal in the chat. Two writing blocks follow, each is 1 hour and 15 minutes long. We take a 10-minute break between the blocks. At 12:50 pm EST, participants share their progress. The meeting concludes at 1 pm EST.

How will I focus on writing during a Zoom meeting? I think I will be distracted.

While this isn’t for everyone, so far participants have found it incredibly motivating to be in an online conference with other fellow writers. The chat is disabled and mics are muted during the writing blocks.


Do I need to arrive on time?

Yes, due to the focused nature of the group, the meeting will be locked at the 10 a.m. EST start time. The meetings open at 9:50 am EST.

If I can’t attend every meeting in the eight-week session, can I still participate?

Yes! For the free session, we ask registrants to plan to attend 25% of the meetings. The second step of the registration process includes a Google sheet for you to specify your attendance plans for each of the 32 meetings with a “yes,” “no,” or “maybe.” 

Why do I need to specify my attendance plans?

This is one aspect of accountability. While 100% attendance isn’t mandatory, carving out time to write and sticking to it is half the battle. As the saying goes, “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

If I can’t make my designated day(s), can I switch to a different day that week? 

Yes! Come whenever possible. 

If I have a sudden schedule change, do I need to let you know?

While not necessary, a quick email is appreciated. 

Will I be able to update my attendance plan after the session starts?

Yes! The individual attendance plans will be consolidated into a group sheet before the session starts on March 20. Individuals will be sent a link and reminded to update their plans each Thursday for the following week. 

Register here before March 15.

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